Hi I'm Noni!
Thermomix® Enthusiast, Weight Loss Specialist, Personal Trainer and Globetrotter.
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Use Your Thermo To Make Healthy Living Easy!
So you've invested in a Thermomix® to help you live a healthier lifestyle, but you're not quite using it the way you envisioned when you were justifying the cost. Well, you've come to the right place. I love my Thermy so much I've dedicated the last five years to helping people just like you use their Thermomix® to stop bloat, boost their energy, fit their clothes better and live a long term healthy lifestyle.

I've created healthy versions of family favourite recipes. But don't worry, if you don't tell your family the recipes are healthy, they won't know until they start feeling lighter and full of energy. My recipes are based on a select combination of Low Carb High Fat and Paleo principals, which means all recipes are:
  • Gluten Free
  • Grain Free
  • Wheat Free
  • Refined Sugar Free
  • 90% Dairy Free 
    (can easily be altered to 100% dairy free)
Before you go jumping to conclusions let me make it very clear, this is not a diet. My intention is to teach you how to make healthy choices so you never have to diet again. 

All of my recipes are compatible with the TM31, TM5 and TM6 versions of the machine.
THERMOfit recipes are available in two ways:

  • The Challenge:An in depth 6-week course that teaches you how to live a long-term healthy lifestyle. Includes: recipe ebook, meal plans, shopping lists, educational content and support.
  • Ebooks: A range of recipe ebooks filled with guilt-free, delicious recipes, made using your Thermomix®.
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Thermomix Healthy Recipe Ebooks
Lighten Up Recipe Ebook
Grain-Free Vegetarian
Healthy Treats Ebook
All THERMOfit Recipes Are
Are you Ready To Live A Happier Healthier Life?
So much more than a challenge, my six week Healthy Lifestyle programs were created to take all of the guesswork out of healthy living. Both the 'Lighten Up' and 'Grain-Free Vegetarian' Programs provide you with step-by-step guidance to live a healthier lifestyle.

My range of easy, healthy recipes has been planned out into a weekly planner over a 6 week timeframe. Just shop for the ingredients using the prepared shopping lists, cook and enjoy.

This Challenge is not a short term diet, it is a six week course empowering you with the knowledge to make healthy food choices long after the program has ended.

Lorraine Eldridge 
Lighten Up can change your life.

Noni's challenge is a fabulous way to change your eating and exercise habits. The support is extraordinary, the results are inspiring.
This program is easy to follow and doable for everyday life and busy people.
Joanne Horton
More than just a diet.
I have tried a variety of diets. Most are unsustainable in the long term as they border on starvation, and the weight goes straight back on.
The Thermofit Challenge is for the real world. There is a science to this program that works. My inflammation and bloating subsided, and fat burning comes naturally. On a cellular level, you feel better, stronger, and more toned. This style of eating is sustainable for life. Good for the mind and body. My search is over. It works.
Bonnie Forbes
You wont regret it.
The Thermofit challenge is a brilliant program that not only helped us achieve our weight loss goals with ease (we were extremely slack with the workouts and still met our targets well before the challenge was up), but was also the start of a complete lifestyle change. I went into this as a post-baby, pre-wedding weight loss challenge and have now adopted the philosophy. We plan our weeks meals, do weekly shops, eat fresh cooked meals everyday and incorporate exercise when we can. I look good, feel great and am relaxed when it comes to sorting out dinner (one of my pet hates!).
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Get a 3-Day Meal Plan with Free Healthy Thermo Recipes.
Download your 3-Day Meal Plan with seven free healthy thermomix recipes from my 6-week program.

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