Hi I'm Noni.
I created THERMOfit® for the people who wanted to make the most out of their Thermomix® while simultaneously improving their health.

THERMOfit® has now supported thousands of Thermomix owners to positively change their lives through not just eating, but education, which I believe to be the key aspect to achieve long lasting results.

Over 6000 Thermo lovers have completed my 6-week Challenge, and I have been fortunate to sell over 4000 copies of my recipe ebooks that are filled with delicious Thermo recipes.

But you know, things were not always that way...

Before Thermomix®, I was a below average cook.
Honestly, until Thermomix® came into my life I was on the 'Below Average' end of the cooking skills scale!

Seriously... I used to cook from all things packets, using pre-made sauces etc and I had no idea how to make my own dishes and create flavours using fresh herbs, spices or other ingredients.

I had ZERO creativity and assumed that anything I tried to make would end up a fail so I stuck to the same old meat and 3 vegetables for a very long time!

First I found my passion.
I have always eaten fairly healthy growing up and always been sporty but never a 'Gym Go-er' until I became a Personal Trainer in 2009 and began my journey in Health and Fitness.

The PT studio I worked for was more like a Weight Loss coaching Centre then a Gym as it focused as heavily on Nutrition/Eating for weight loss as it did on the Exercise component.

Solidifying that belief that it is an 80:20 Eating to Exercise ratio for results (forever grateful for that belief).

Suddenly I was coaching clients to achieve sustainable weight loss and having EPIC results all around.

I had totally found my Passion in life... Helping and supporting people to positively change their lives through Education, Eating and Exercise.

Although I could now teach people WHAT to eat, I still couldn't help them with the HOW to create it.

Then I fell in love with Thermomix®
In 2013 I went to a Thermomix demonstration and my life was complete from there I had found the missing piece of the puzzle.

I became a Thermo Consultant on the side of my Personal Training and this completely flipped the ''no cooking skills'' part of me.

Over the next 5 years, I learnt SHIT LOADS about the machine and in general how to create flavours. I built my confidence cooking new things without the fear of failure that I once had in the kitchen.

Fast forward to today.
THERMOfit® was created as a result of the way I was using my Thermomix to eat based on the knowledge and experience I had in health and nutrition from working with clients over the last 10 years.

Now I could help not only people local to me on a 1 on 1 basis but for anyone anywhere with a Thermomix®.

I ultimately gave up face to face and one on one Personal Training and Weight Loss coaching because now all my passions were under the one roof and everyone was just LOVING IT.

Bev Dunn
I loved this program!! Over the years, I've done a few different things to try to lose weight & I've never really stuck to anything. I loved the support that Noni gave, and I loved the food! When the challenge finished, I found I wanted to continue. Through Noni's education, I'm making great food choices now, and I kicked some bad habits that I had around for years. I can't recommend Noni's program enough.
Fiona Butterworth
I have tried to create healthy eating habits on my own. However, finding a challenge that not only provides education along with recipes and exercises that informs you how eating these foods or doing these types of activity helps fuel and strengthen your body, it just clicked.
I found I had much more sustainable energy, less hunger and food cravings, better concentration, and endurance.
What I learned from this challenge is that we need to think about food as a fuel for our bodies, that weight loss and maintenance is 80% what we eat!!! This challenge has changed my life because it has created a whole new way of eating for my body, and I've learned to listen to my body.
Bonnie Forbes
A brilliant food plan that is delicious, practical and easy to maintain well past the end of the challenge. I went into this as a post baby, pre-wedding weight loss challenge and have now started a lifestyle change. Feeling fantastic, lost more weight than I thought I ever could and have the whole family on the meals. Noni is a wonderful mentor, very helpful and quick to respond. Highly recommend!
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