Weeknights Made Simple 
4-Week Program
Everything you need for easy, healthy dinners the whole family will enjoy.
A 4-week Dinner Meal Plan with Shopping Lists & Recipes
This 4-Week Program has been created specifically for thermomixer households who want to put their investment to good use by creating quality, healthy and delicious, additive-free meals that the whole family will love.

If you're tired of feeling bloated after dinner or making more than one meal at dinner time, if you're on a weight loss journey but find it hard to find the time to research healthy recipes the rest of your family will enjoy - this is the perfect program for you.

All recipes are free from Gluten, Grain, Wheat and refined sugar. The recipes use a wide variety of fresh Vegetables, Eggs, Nuts, Seeds, Meats, Seafood, Beans, Legumes, Fruit and fresh Herbs and Spices. Don't worry; they are everyday ingredients you'll find in your local supermarket.

This additive free program also adds tremendous value to families with children or adults with special needs. As we know, additives contribute significantly to behaviour, attention span, moods and learning ability.

Recipe Ebook
Healthy eating has never been so easy, you'll get 28 healthy dinner and sides recipes for your Thermo-Mixer. 

View full list of recipes.
Meal Plans
You no longer have to think about what to make for dinner with this 4-week plan of 5 nights a week planned for you.
Shopping Lists
Save time and money by only buying what you need.  4x weekly shopping lists make buying groceries easier. Plus one combined shopping list for all of the non-perishable items required over the 4-weeks. 
Two people or a whole family
Each recipe makes a minimum of 4 adult serves so that it can feed a range of family unit sizes. Adjusting and modifying tips and suggestions are also included.
Weeknights Made Simple Program
Nourish your family with 28 delicious and simple recipes for your Thermomix®. Including a mix of meats, seafood and vegetarian. All recipes are Grain-Free, Wheat-Free, Gluten-Free and Refined-Sugar-Free. These are healthy versions of family favourite dinners and sides, everyone will love.
Feed two people or a whole family.
Each recipe makes a minimum of 4 adult serves to feed a range of family unit sizes. A few of these options are:
  • 4 Adults
  • 2 Adults (having 2 serves for dinner and 2 for lunch the next day)
  • 3 Adults + 2 kids (approx under 6)
  • 2 Adults + 2 late aged teens
  • 2 Adults + 3 kids (approx under 12)
  • 2 Adults + 4 kids (approx under 8)
  • Any other combination that makes up four adult serves.
Swap and adjust ingredients to suit you.
You are welcome to modify the ingredients if you or your family prefer something else or don't like certain ingredients.

For example: A common swap might be exchanging the Pork or Seafood recipes for Chicken.

The program and it's recipes are made to be very flexible to suit all tastes and "fussy" eaters. Notes are included on each recipe for modification and variation suggestions. 
Additive Free
This entire program is intended to be Additive free however it depends on the products that you buy. If you are wanting to avoid additives as much as possible, please check the ingredients on the items you buy (before you buy them) to make sure there aren't any nasty additives.

If you aren't sure what to look out for some suggestions have been included in the front of this to guide help you. 
What they say...
Is This For Me?
  • You want to get more use out of your Thermomix®.
  • You want to make easy, healthy meals, from normal ingredients you can get from the supermarket.
  • You want simple & delicious dinner recipes.
  • You want recipes free from additives, gluten, wheat and refined sugar.
  • You're over counting calories, points, carbs, proteins etc.
  • You want simple, nutritious food that makes you feel good.
  • You want healthy recipes the whole family will love.
  • You are sick of feeling tired and bloated but not sure how/what to change.
  • You're tired of planning dinner and want it all done for you.
If this sounds like you... this program is for you!
Yes, I Want this Weeknighs Made Simple
Weeknights Made Simple Program
4-week meal plan of 5 nights a week planned for you.
28 Healthy Dinner & Side Thermo Recipes
4 x Weekly Shopping Lists
A bulk 4-week non-perishable shopping list
Adjusting and modifying tips and suggestions
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Frequently Asked Questions
Do your recipes and meal plans count calories?
THERMOfit's Programs and Recipes aren't calorie controlled but more focused on a balance of Macronutrients (Carbs, Proteins, Fats) without counting anything just eating healthy for sustainability. The above video I made about the type of eating you will find in THERMOfit's Programs.
Can I make the recipes nut free?
Yes, most of the recipes containing nuts can be modified. It is mostly Cashews and Almonds used in the program as flour substitutes and I have found that if you replace all Cashews with Sunflower Seeds and the Almonds with Linseeds/Flaxseeds that works well. You can even use a mix of those 2 plus Buckwheat to replace the nuts.

Where there is a nut flour used for something I recommend getting the total amount of nut meal needed and dividing that amount into 3 parts and use an equal sunflower/flaxseed/buckwheat combination.

Are the recipes on Cookidoo®?
At this time, we have a Cookidoo® collection featuring 15 recipes from the 1-week Get Thermomix® Fit with Noni Challenge. The rest of THERMOfit's recipes, including all recipe ebooks, Programs & Challenges, are provided in ebook format and made in the manual cooking function.


They're incredibly easy to follow and are a great way to learn to use the Thermomix® outside of set recipes. I've found that this helps people become really confident and creative using their Thermomix®.

Do you need a Thermomix®?
Yes. You need a Thermomix® for my recipe ebooks and Healthy Lifestyle Programs. 

All of my workout guides and programs can be done whether you have a Thermom or not.

Are your recipes suitable for families?
Yes this has been designed to suit the whole family and even the hard to please. You will find these recipes are healthy versions of familiar favourites.
Why is the dinner plan only 5 nights instead of 7?
The reason this meal plan is 5 days rather than the full 7 is for a few reasons:
 - To account for the inevitable and occasional nights out, social events or nights off cooking without wasting food and money.
 - It is great practice to take ownership and responsibility of those 2 nights a week. If not going out, it is a great way to start a routine of finding some recipes you would like to add into your week. Doing this for just 1 or 2 nights a week will be less overwhelming and build a great habit to increase upon later.

Should you wish to increase this to 6 or 7 nights a week it is easy to do so. I suggest the following ways:
 - Choose the recipe/s to add in to your week and add the ingredients to your shopping list accordingly.
 - Some meals are more than 4 serves and create freezable leftovers. You can factor those leftovers into your weekly meal plan and enjoy those nights off cooking while also saving money.  

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