Lighten Up Recipe Ebook
Suitable for TM31, TM5 and TM6

If you are looking for healthy Thermo-mixer recipes that reduce bloat and are kind to your waistline, this ebook is for you.

Healthy eating has never been so easy; this ebook is bursting with over 70 recipes and ideas.

Noni Jenkins is passionate about real food; there is no store-bought laksa paste or peanut butter here.

Noni shows you how to use simple, wholesome ingredients you'll find in your local supermarket to make delicious, family favourite recipes that make you feel good.

Many recipes are freezer-friendly so that you can meal prep and batch cook. No more unhealthy takeaway because you're short on time.

THERMOfit™ recipes are based on a mix of diets principles. This includes mostly Paleo and LCHF (Low Carb Healthy Fat). The recipes are all completely Grain, Wheat, Gluten and Sugar-Free. 90% Dairy-free with easy substitutes for complete dairy-free.

The Recipes
11 x Breakfast
Including Pancakes, Cauliflower Hashbrowns, Apple Pie Porridge and Grain-Free Granola.

29 x Lunch & Dinner
Including Asian Pumpkin & Chicken Soup, Falafel Patties, Fish Tacos, Healthy Nachos, Slow Cooked Pulled Beef and Lamb Saag.
8 x Snack & Dessert
Including Best Snack Bars, Protein Bliss Bites, Magic Muffins and Raw Lemon & Cashew Tart
10 x Drinks
Including Bulletproof Coffee, Matcha Latte and Coldbrew Coffee.
5 x Salad & Sides
Including Baked Vegetable Salad, Coleslaw, Cauliflower Fried Rice & Raw Crunch Salad.
13 x Basic & Prep
Including Crumb It Up, Nut Butter, Pesto, Gluten-Free Rolls, and Laksa Paste.
All THERMOfit™ recipes are...
What Customers Say
Feeling Bloated and Sluggish?

Do you often feel over-full, bloated and sluggish at the end of the day?

Even when you "eat healthy," there can be some ingredients that leave you feeling bloated, over-full and sluggish at the end of the day.

If you'd like to reduce the bloat and feel full of energy, try eating from the Lighten Up ebook for one week. The meals are family-friendly, so you will only have to make one meal at dinner time.

It's incredible what the right food can do for your energy levels, sleep and focus.

Who's Noni ?

Noni is a Certified Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer Weight Loss Specialist and Thermomix Consultant whose passion is to teach people how to positively change their lives through eating nutritious food.

After ten years of teaching people what to eat one on one, Noni started writing easy to follow Thermo-mixer cookbooks and Meal Plans that showcased simple, delicious and nutritious food - no more counting calories or feeling bloated after every meal.
Bundle Options
If you are looking for healthy Thermo-mixer recipes this book is for you.

Bursting with over 70 recipes and ideas healthy eating has never been easier.
If you're partial to something sweet, then the Lighten Up Ebook paired with the Healthy Treats ebook  is the perfect combination. This will give you over 100 healthy Thermomix recipes. - No more feeling guilty about indulging in a sweet treat. 
Get the total bundle, this has something for everyone. Over 150 family friendly Thermomix recipes - all of them grain, gluten, wheat and refined sugar free. 

Your gut and family will thank you. 
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I make the recipes nut free?
Yes, most of the recipes containing nuts can be modified. It is mostly Cashews and Almonds used in the program as flour substitutes and I have found that if you replace all Cashews with Sunflower Seeds and the Almonds with Linseeds/Flaxseeds that works well. You can even use a mix of those 2 plus Buckwheat to replace the nuts.

Where there is a nut flour used for something I recommend getting the total amount of nut meal needed and dividing that amount into 3 parts and use an equal sunflower/flaxseed/buckwheat combination.

Is it Low Carb Healthy Fat?
Yes this plan is based on LCHF, in the video above I explain the way of eating you will find in THERMOfit's programs.
Are the recipes on Cookidoo®?
At this time, we have a Cookidoo® collection featuring 15 recipes from the 1-week Get Thermomix® Fit with Noni Challenge. The rest of THERMOfit's recipes, including all recipe ebooks, Programs & Challenges, are provided in ebook format and made in the manual cooking function.


They're incredibly easy to follow and are a great way to learn to use the Thermomix® outside of set recipes. I've found that this helps people become really confident and creative using their Thermomix®.

Are your recipes suitable for families?
Yes my recipes are suitable for families, everyone seems to love the food. You will need to modify the quantity of meals to suit your family. This amount depends on how many mouths you're feeding. You can choose to make most recipes with 1-2 or 3-4 serves.
Do I need a Thermomix®?
Yes. You need a Thermomix® for my recipes and Healthy Lifestyle 6-Week Programs. But all of my workout programs and guides obviously don't need a Thermo.

All of my workout guides and programs can be done whether you have a Thermom or not.

Do your recipes and meal plans count calories?
THERMOfit's Programs and Recipes aren't calorie controlled but more focused on a balance of Macronutrients (Carbs, Proteins, Fats) without counting anything just eating healthy for sustainability. The above video I made about the type of eating you will find in THERMOfit's Programs.
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