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THERMOfit® 6 Week Program
Over 70 easy-to-follow healthy recipes and guided support along the way to help you achieve your goals
Ready to unlock the full potential of your Thermomix® for a healthier you?
So much more than just another challenge, my 6 Week Program has been specifically designed to empower Thermomix® owners like you to make the most out of their machine while nourishing your body with wholesome, delicious meals that makes you feel good!
Over 6 weeks I'm going to show you how easy it is to make healthy meals that help you feel lighter, less bloated and how to sustain a long-term healthy lifestyle.
As a Certified Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer, Weight Loss Specialist, and Thermomix consultant, I strongly believe that achieving long term health and weight loss goals begins with cultivating good eating habits. 
While the program provides you with delicious easy recipes, pre-prepared meal plans, and convenient shopping lists that can truly transform your life, its true value lies in the educational component that focuses on various aspects of health. It's holistic approach to health and well-being that goes beyond quick fixes. I'm here to empower you with the knowledge and tools to make lasting, positive changes - all with the help of your Thermomix®!
THERMOfit® 6 Week Program is designed to help you...
  • Use your Thermomix® more to make easy healthy recipes that support your health goals.
  • Say goodbye to unnecessary additives: We believe in the power of clean eating. Our recipes are carefully crafted to be gluten-free, low-carb, refined sugar-free and additive-free, helping you feel good, stop feeling bloated and result in weight loss. By embracing clean eating, you'll experience improved digestion, increased energy, and an overall sense of well-being
  • Sustain a long-term healthy lifestyle: Knowledge is power. That's why my 6-Week program goes beyond just recipes. You'll gain valuable insights into nutrition, mindful eating, and strategies to maintain a healthy lifestyle even after the challenge ends. Our goal is to provide you with all the tools and information you need for long-term success.
Recipe Ebook
Healthy eating has never been so easy, you'll get a copy of one of my recipe ebooks containing over 70 Thermomix® recipes. This will teach you how to use your Thermomix® to make all sorts of healthy foods and basics.
Meal Plans
Enjoy not thinking about what to eat each day and having no food waste with 6-weeks of meals planned out for you, all from your chosen recipe ebook. Includes healthy basics, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options.
Shopping Lists
Save time and money by only buying what you need. I've planned out 6 weeks of shopping lists to make shopping easier including one combined shopping list for all of the non persihable items needed over the 6 weeks. 
One or Two People
Choose to do this program on your own or with a partner. I've created meal plans and shopping lists to serve one or two people. You choose what works for you. Both options are included in your purchase so you could try out both options depending on your circumstances.
12 Months Access
Access the program all in one place via your personal login to my membership site. Follow along with the program or learn at your own pace. Note that 12 months access applies to educational content only and you will have access to your recipe ebook and other downloads forever.
Support & Motivation
You'll never feel alone with the extra support and motivation from the exclusive Facebook group. Share your story, ask questions and be inspired by others. Don't have Facebook? No problem, you are always welcome to send me an email.
Choose the plan that suits you
Lighten Up
Nourish your body with over 70 delicious and simple recipes for your Thermomix®. The Lighten Up option includes a variety of meats, seafood and vegetarian meals
All recipes are Grain-Free, Wheat-Free, Gluten-Free, Refined-Sugar-Free, mostly additive free and 90% Dairy-Free (you can choose to go 100% dairy-free or optional dairy). These are healthy versions of regular favourites that everyone will love.
Join Lighten Up  $169

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Grain-Free Vegetarian
Whether you're strictly vegetarian or want to add some meat-free recipes into your rotation these won't disappoint.
Without the use of Animal meats, Grains, Gluten, Wheat, Rice, Lentils, and Sugar, the Grain-Free Vegetarian recipes are abundant in fresh Vegetables, Fruits, Eggs, Nuts, Seeds, Fresh Herbs and Spices along with either zero or minimal amounts of Beans/Legumes/Dairy/Soy/Fake meat substitutes. The ebook includes a suggestion of what meat/seafood to pair with each main recipe to cater for the part time vegetarians or people who have households that have mixed dietary preferences.
Join Grain-Free Vegetarian  $169

View List of Recipes

All recipes are.. 
Gluten free, low to moderate carbohydrates, high protein, refined sugar free and 90% dairy free.
Easy to cook with any Thermomix® model - TM31, TM5 and TM6.

Simple, healthy meals, using normal ingredients you can get from your usual supermarket.

✔ Partner and kid approved.

What Challengers say...
Here's Everything You're Getting Today
Upon purchasing my 6-Week Program, you'll receive access to an online member portal where you will find all the educational content, recipes and resources. The remainder of the information will be drip fed to you weekly over the 6 weeks. It will all then remain there for you for 12 months.
All you have to do is follow the plan to start getting results and loving your Thermomix®!
THERMOfit® recipes are simple and quick to make using your Thermo. The meal plans include three generous, filling meals per day, plus optional yummy snacks. And all of the ingredients are normal everyday ingredients you can get from the supermarket. No crazy expensive ingredients you've never heard of before. These are recipes the whole family will enjoy. All recipes are grain-free, wheat-free, gluten-free, refined sugar free, and 90% dairy free. 
Enjoy not thinking about what to eat with my meal plan, full of tasty and nutritious food all made using your Thermo. Step-by-step healthy recipes and shopping lists mean all the health guesswork is done for you. All you have to do is shop, cook and enjoy. Healthy meals have never been so easy.
Learn how to make healthy living sustainable for life. Each week I provide you with step-by-step resources to implement healthier habits.
I'll empower you to be the best version of yourself through guidance, education and support.
Share your experience and connect with other Thermo lovers on their health and fitness journey. Feel motivated and supported by your fellow challengers, ask questions, receive advice and tips from the community and me.
You'll receive a personal login to my membership site where you can access all of the content in one place. Download the recipe ebooks, templates and tools, watch educational videos and workouts. The ebooks are yours to keep forever and you'll have 12 months access to all of the videos and additional content so you can come back and redo the program over and over again or revisit topics and lessons you need a bit of refreshing on.
Four times per year I hold a Group Challenge, where I encourage everyone in the THERMOfit® Challengers community to start and finish the 6-Week Program at the same time. You will be invited to do the Meal Plan you have purchased in this group challenge 4 times within your 12 month access.

If you're new to the program or have done it before the Group Challenges will bring great results, it is fantastic way to stay motivated and encourage and support one another. 

Is This For Me?
  • You want to get more use out of your Thermomix®.
  • You want to make easy healthy meals, from normal ingredients you can get from the supermarket.
  • You have tried all sorts of diets to lose weight, and even if they worked at the time, they weren't sustainable.
  • You want healthy snack options to curb those 3 pm sweet cravings.
  • You're over counting calories, points, carbs, proteins etc.
  • You want simple, nutritious food that makes you feel good.
  • You want healthy recipes the whole family will love.
  • You are sick of feeling tired and bloated but not sure how/what to change
  • You want to learn more about nutrition and how certain foods work in your body so that you can be confident making your own informed decisions from now on.
If this sounds like you... this program is for you!
Which Program is for you?
Lighten Up Program (meat & seafood) $169
Meal Plans - 6 Weeks done for you.
Shopping Lists - 6 Weeks done for you.
Recipe ebook with 70+ Healthy Thermomix® recipes.
Access to Online Facebook Support Group.
Exclusive Members Area with educational course content
Tools for life after the Challenge.
12 Month Access to videos and educational content
Option to join in on all 4 group challenges held within your 12 months, completely free of charge
The Lighten Up Program has been created to support weight loss & is based on a flexible blend of Paleo and LCHF principles.
Lifetime Access to Recipe Ebook (download & keep forever)
Bundle & Save $21
The Lighten Up bundle includes access to everything listed above as well as these extra tools for success:
✔ Healthy Treats ebook (30 Healthy Dessert recipes) valued at $24
✔ Workouts (30+ various workout videos to pick and choose from or follow the 6 week progression plan) valued at $25
Grain Free Vegetarian Program
Meal Plans - 6 Weeks done for you.
Shopping Lists - 6 Weeks done for you.
Recipe ebook with 70+ Healthy Thermomix® recipes.
Access to Online Facebook Support Group.
Exclusive Members Area with educational course content
Tools for life after the Challenge.
12 Month Access to videos and educational content
Option to join in on all 4 group challenges held within your 12 months, completely free of charge
The Vegetarian Program has been created to support weight loss & contains zero or minimal amount of legumes, beans, soy, rice or meat replacements. 58/79 recipes included in the recipe ebook are Vegan 
Lifetime Access to Recipe Ebook ( download & keep forever)
Bundle & Save $21
The Grain Free Vegetarian bundle includes access to everything listed above as well as these extra success tools:
✔ Healthy Treats ebook (30 Healthy Dessert recipes) valued at $24
✔ Workouts (30+ various workout videos to pick and choose from or follow the 6 week progression plan) valued at $25
Healthy Treats Ebook

Everybody loves a treat! Whether it is for a special occasion or just to have something a little sweet after dinner, this ebook was created so that you can use your Thermo to create guilt free and nutrient dense desserts.

The recipes you will find here are still aligned with the THERMOfit® principles in the way that they are all 100% Gluten, Grain and Wheat Free, and almost 100% Dairy free as there is only 1 recipe here that contains dairy. (Fruity Frozen Yoghurt) with optional dairy. 

Filled with 30+ guilt-free Thermomix® recipes this eBook is a must-have for any sweet tooth.

Frequently Asked Questions
THERMOfit's Programs and Recipes aren't calorie controlled but more focused on a balance of Macronutrients (Carbs, Proteins, Fats) without counting anything just eating healthy for sustainability. The above video I made about the type of eating you will find in THERMOfit's Programs.
Yes, most of the recipes containing nuts can be modified. It is mostly Cashews and Almonds used in the program as flour substitutes and I have found that if you replace all Cashews with Sunflower Seeds and the Almonds with Linseeds/Flaxseeds that works well. You can even use a mix of those 2 plus Buckwheat to replace the nuts.

Where there is a nut flour used for something I recommend getting the total amount of nut meal needed and dividing that amount into 3 parts and use an equal sunflower/flaxseed/buckwheat combination.

If you're avoiding nuts and seeds this program will not be suitable for you.

At this time, we have a Cookidoo® collection featuring 15 recipes from the 1-week Get Thermomix® Fit with Noni Challenge. The rest of THERMOfit's recipes, including all recipe ebooks, Programs & Challenges, are provided in ebook format and made in the manual cooking function.


They're incredibly easy to follow and are a great way to learn to use the Thermomix® outside of set recipes. I've found that this helps people become really confident and creative using their Thermomix®.

Yes this plan is based on LCHF, in the video above I explain the way of eating you will find in THERMOfit's programs.
Yes my recipes are suitable for families, everyone seems to love the food. You will need to modify the quantity of meals to suit your family. This amount depends on how many mouths you're feeding. You can choose to make most recipes with 1-2 or 3-4 serves.
This is a difficult question to answer because everybody is different, but people typically get results from week one. However, I want to be clear that this is not a strict/restrictive program that you will get rapid and massive weight loss results from in the short term.

The focus of this program is sustainable weight loss while enjoying the process. I put a lot of work into the education side of things to ensure you learn the why behind the way you're eating. When you understand the why behind healthy meal choices, you're much more likely to adopt this as a way of life. Many people find they get results during the program and then maintain them long after.

Get THERMOfit With Noni:1 Week Challenge
It's time to blow the dust off your Thermomix® and take charge of your health. Join my FREE 1 Week THERMOfit® Challenge and let's transform your eating habits, starting now!

This challenge is your opportunity to make healthier choices and commit to nutritious eating for 7 days - all with the help of your incredible Thermomix®.