Grain-Free Vegetarian Recipe Ebook

The food you will find in this recipe ebook is a wide variety of fresh, high-nutrient dense, and additive-free ingredients.

Without the use of Animal meats, Grains, Gluten, Wheat and Sugar, the Grain-Free Vegetarian recipes are abundant in fresh Vegetables, Fruits, Eggs, Nuts, Seeds, Fresh Herbs and Spices along with minimal amounts of Beans/Legumes/Dairy.

Staying true to THERMOfit® Nutrition philosophy, this recipe ebook and program has been created with a Low to Moderate Carbohydrate consumption in mind and a focus on including natural plant-based Proteins, good quality Fats, high Fibre and Low to Medium GI (glycemic index) foods.

This is why you will not find ingredients that you would find in your average Vegetarian recipes/programs such as Rice, Quinoa, Lentils and large amounts of Beans/Legumes or Soy products/meat replacements. You can choose to add these in if you wish.

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*This book is provided via email as a PDF eBook.

**Please note. If you are purchasing the Grain-Free Vegetarian 6-Week Program you do not need to purchase the individual recipe book. It is included.

All THERMOfit® recipes are...
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I make the recipes nut free?
Yes, most of the recipes containing nuts can be modified. It is mostly Cashews and Almonds used in the program as flour substitutes and I have found that if you replace all Cashews with Sunflower Seeds and the Almonds with Linseeds/Flaxseeds that works well. You can even use a mix of those 2 plus Buckwheat to replace the nuts.

Where there is a nut flour used for something I recommend getting the total amount of nut meal needed and dividing that amount into 3 parts and use an equal sunflower/flaxseed/buckwheat combination.

If you're avoiding nuts and seeds this program will not be suitable for you.

Are the recipes on Cookidoo®?
At this time, we have a Cookidoo® collection featuring 15 recipes from the 1-week Get Thermomix® Fit with Noni Challenge. The rest of THERMOfit's recipes, including all recipe ebooks, Programs & Challenges, are provided in ebook format and made in the manual cooking function.


They're incredibly easy to follow and are a great way to learn to use the Thermomix® outside of set recipes. I've found that this helps people become really confident and creative using their Thermomix®.

Is it Low Carb Healthy Fat?
Yes this plan is based on LCHF, in the video above I explain the way of eating you will find in THERMOfit's programs.
Are your recipes suitable for families?
Yes my recipes are suitable for families, everyone seems to love the food. You will need to modify the quantity of meals to suit your family. This amount depends on how many mouths you're feeding. You can choose to make most recipes with 1-2 or 3-4 serves.
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