Crumb It Up

Sometimes when transitioning to a healthy lifestyle, it can be difficult to give up the things you once loved. One thing I always try to remind my clients of is that this isn't a quick-fix fad diet, it's a way of life, and in order to maintain this lifestyle long term, the best thing you can do is simply swap it, don't stop it. There are many small easy swaps you can make in your day-to-day routine and diet that will make all the difference long-term and have you wondering how you ever lived any differently! Need to head to the shops? Take a walk or bike ride instead of instantly jumping in the car. Love an after-dinner ice-cream? Give my Heavenly Nice Cream a go from my Healthy Treats Ebook. Get excited any time there's a schnitzel or nugget on the menu? Then this Crumb it Up recipe is for you! Ditch the boring breadcrumbs for good and swap them for this amazing flavour-loaded crumb recipe that takes just minutes to whip up.

I searched high and low for a good-quality, delicious-tasting gluten-free crumb recipe for years and after many failed searches and much trial and error, I created this winning combo. It achieves the perfect golden crunch that you want in a crumb without going soggy (a true sin when it comes to anything crumbed) and has loads of flavour from the delicious spice blend. Not only that, it's packed with fibre from the Linseed and Sunflower Seed mix, anti-inflammatory properties from the Turmeric, digestion-aiding micronutrients from the Cumin and is a great source of protein from the coconut flour.

Since creating this recipe, I'm never without a jar or container of this blend in my pantry ready to jazz up just about any meal! I use it to make chicken schnitzels, fish fingers (a winner for kids) or crumbed prawns quickly and easily, or keep it vego with simple recipes like tofu nuggets and crunchy broccoli and cauliflower florets.

When coating veggies, I find the crumb best sticks with a douse in a simple egg wash beforehand - just place the florets in a bowl, sprinkle with tapioca flour (can also use corn or arrowroot flour) then add 1 whisked egg and mix through before adding the crumb. You can do this egg wash with anything that you are using it on to get a thicker style batter and make more of the crumb stick.

The crumb will last up to 6 weeks in an airtight container in the pantry, so I always find it handy to make a big batch when I have the ingredients on-hand. In this recipe I've used a combination of turmeric, paprika and cumin, but you can do just about any spice combo you like. When making seafood or fish, I find a great combination to be 2tbsp of mixed dried herbs and a few pinches of lemon zest. Or, simply make a neutral base with just salt and pepper and add your spices when cooking to match different cuisines.

  • Time: 5 MIN
40g Sunflower Seeds
40g Almonds
20g Linseeds/Flaxseeds
1 tsp Cumin
1 tsp Paprika
1 tsp Turmeric
1 level tsp Salt
½ tsp Black Pepper
15g Coconut Flour
2 TBsp Sesame seeds

Place Sunflower seeds, Almonds and Flaxseed/Linseed into Mixing Bowl and MILL / 8 SEC / SP 9
Add everything else in the Crumb mixture and MIX / REVERSE / 5 SEC / SP 4.
Store in the pantry in an airtight jar or container until use.

*One half is enough for crumbing and cooking each recipe.
*Optional: Add 2-3 TBsp Quinoa flakes into the mix into Step 2.


Author: Noni Jenkins
Noni Jenkins is a Personal Trainer, Weight Loss Specialist and Thermomix® Enthusiast. With over 10 years experience helping people live a healthier lifestyle.
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