Nut Butter

There are a few things the Thermomix has ruined for me (in the best way possible) and one of them is definitely no longer being able to enjoy or tolerate store-bought foods after tasting the homemade version. This Nut Butter recipe is most definitely one of them. Previously one to stock up on many a jar of natural nut butters from my local health food stores, I am now a total convert and if it ain't homemade, I ain't interested. This may sound a little fussy and/or pretentious, but trust me when I say, as soon as you taste the intensely nutty flavour and amazingly smooth consistency the Thermomix achieves, you'll never be adding that jar of PB or almond butter to your shopping list again. Plus, when stored in the fridge or pantry in a clean jar or container, it lasts for weeks on end (if you can resist temptation, that is).


So save up your jars, because you'll be needing them for this super-easy, super-tasty and all-round good-for-you nut butter recipe.

Another great thing about making your own nut butters at home is you not only avoid all the nasty additives, preservatives and completely unnecessary sugar and vegetable oils in pre-packaged ones, but you can make it to your taste. Don't like almonds? Try a peanut! On a paleo diet? Go some cashews! Or, make your own tasty mix like ABC - a delicious and nutritious blend of almonds, Brazil nuts and cashews. The nut-butter world is your oyster.

Other things I simply must make from scratch now are: Hummus, Pesto, Nut Milks and Protein Balls. But that's for another blog.

A few handy tips for when you're making this recipe:
• Peanuts are a lot quicker to turn to butter than other nuts due to their high oil content. • If using peanuts, omit the 20g oil and simply BLEND for 45 SEC increasing slowly.
• If using salted nuts there's no need to add salt. If you'd like a low-sodium option, simply shake your nuts in the TM basket or a colander before blending.
• 400g is the minimum amount of nuts/seeds to create a good consistency. You can easily increase the amount, just adjust the time accordingly.
• If you think your mix isn't runny enough, keep blending and more natural oils will release.
• Leave out Cashews and Pistachios to be low fodmap

  • Serves: Makes 420g
  • Time: 5 MIN
400g Unsalted Mixed Roasted, Unsalted Nuts/Seeds, or one type of Nut (see notes for Peanut Butter)
1/4 tsp Salt (leave salt out if using salted nuts)
20g Coconut oil

1. Add Nuts and Salt to Mixing bowl. BLEND / 40 SEC / SP 7 increasing slowly.

2. Scrape down sides, add Oil and continue- 30 SEC / SP 5, scrape and repeat until Nut Butter consistency is achieved. This can take around 2 minutes.

Author: Noni Jenkins
Noni Jenkins is a Personal Trainer, Weight Loss Specialist and Thermomix® Enthusiast. With over 10 years experience helping people live a healthier lifestyle.
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