Bulletproof Coffee

You may have seen this unique brew making the rounds in the last couple of years with wellness stars like Kourtney Kardashian and Gwenyth Paltrow singing its praises, but what exactly is bulletproof coffee and what does it even do?

Bulletproof coffee was actually founded in 2009 by Dave Asprey (a bit of a pioneer in the health industry) after a trip to Tibet where he drank yak-butter tea. This ancient drink was believed to improve cognitive focus and aid in weight loss by triggering ketosis. Dave figured that a sage culture like the Tibetans must be on to something, and he was right. After seeing the benefits for himself, he developed Bulletproof Coffee which was a combination of organic, grass-fed butter, coconut MCT oil and black coffee. Not only did it take the world by storm for its impressive health benefits, but for a society where around 80% of us can't imagine starting our day without a fresh cup of coffee, this reimagined recipe sounded a lot more appealing than swigging a steaming cup of yak-butter tea. So how exactly does some butter and oil stirred into your morning cuppa benefit your body? Let me break it down for you.

The power behind this brew lies in its powerhouse combo of ingredients..

  • Coffee. Not just a great-tasting caffeine boost in the morning; coffee is packed with health-promoting antioxidants like chlorogenic acid, increases energy levels, enhances concentration and can promote fat burning.
  • Grass-fed butter. Yes, the 'grass-fed' part is important. Grass-fed butter contains higher amounts of powerful antioxidants including beta carotene as well as higher levels of anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids than regular butter. So while adding your regular full-fat butter will help to reach and maintain ketosis, it won't contain quite the same amazing health benefits.
  • Coconut MCT Oil. Standing for Medium Chain Triglycerides, MCT oil is a healthy fat that's easily digested and absorbed into the body, meaning it creates a sustained release of energy that keeps you going for longer. It is also known to improve cholesterol, reduce inflammation and help the body to reduce symptoms of 'keto flu' (a sickness that can often come on when you transition to a ketogenic diet). This is because MCT is more ketogenic than other fats, meaning it's more easily turned into molecules called ketones which the body uses for energy when it goes into ketosis.
Things to note when making your own Bulletproof Coffee at home:

- If any type of sweetener (except natrually derived ones like stevia, monk fruit and erythritol) is added to this coffee it will promote weight gain. The Bulletproof coffee is only effective at helping you burn fat when carbs and sugars are not available. If carbs and/or sugar is available, all the fat will likely be stored, achieving exactly the opposite of what we want from this drink.

- This is not to be had alongside a meal as it acts as the meal. It should be consumed by itself, approx 2hrs away from another meal is ideal or at least 1 hour.

- I like to add a pinch of cinnamon to mine for both its flavour as well as for its antiviral and antibacterial properties, help to reduce blood pressure and help bolster my gut health.

I hope this recipe has given you a little inspiration to power up your morning coffee and get your daily cuppa working ten times harder for you! This filling, energizing and keto-friendly drink is also free from gluten, nuts, refined sugar, fructose plus loads more so is suitable for pretty much all diets.

  • Serves: 1
  • Time: 5 MIN
Approx 200g Hot Black Coffee (not instant. From a pod/machine or a plunger etc)
30g Unsalted Butter (Grass Fed & Organic preferred)
(optional) 10g Coconut MCT Oil / AllGood Nutrition Brain Fuel
(optional) pinch ground Cinnamon


Pour the Hot Black Coffee and Butter into the Mixing Bowl. Add remaining ingredients if using.
HEAT for 4 MIN / 80'C / SP 2.
Blend for 40 sec / SP 7 and enjoy straight away.

Pour the Hot Black Coffee and Butter into the Mixing Bowl. Add remaining ingredients if using.
Go to the WARM UP function and select 80 DEG on speed 2.
Go to the BLEND function, adjust time to 40 SEC / SP 7. Serve immediately.

*To make 2 serves, simply double everything and extend heating time until 80'C is reached. Possibly blend for longer at the end.

Author: Noni Jenkins
Noni Jenkins is a Personal Trainer, Weight Loss Specialist and Thermomix® Enthusiast. With over 10 years experience helping people live a healthier lifestyle.
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