Staying Social and Slim... Is it possible?

10 tips to stay aligned with your goals while having fun at social events.
Having a busy social life, whether it's for work or pleasure, can often seem conflicting with your health, weight loss, or weight maintenance goals.
Just because you have set big and important goals for yourself, does not mean you have to hibernate like a bear in the winter!

Yes, removing yourself from the situation eliminates the temptation; however, there will always be unexpected temptations pop-up no matter how hard you try to avoid them. Not to mention that regularly avoiding social occasions could make life dull, real quick!

Living a sustainable healthy life means learning:

  • How to make the best choices in each situation.
  • How to own the things you can control, and
  • How to manage your guilt and mindset.

Not always the easiest option, but as usual, the more effort something requires, the more rewarding the outcome.

Over years of working with clients that have goals to achieve and important events or parties to attend, I developed 10 essential tips to allow you to enjoy your social life while staying on the right track with your goals.

Here are my 10 top tips...
  • Choose your Alcohol wisely and decide beforehand how much you plan to have and stick to it. Avoid sugary drinks such as Spirits with soft drink mixers and cocktails with syrups. Any Spirit with soda/mineral water and lime is a great choice.

  • Make sure you are hydrated. Hunger can be confused with dehydration, drink plenty of water before and during the event. One glass of water in between alcoholic drinks is also a great idea.

  • If you are concerned about the food available, eat a high fat and/or protein snack before you go. This will help you not to overeat as the fat and protein will leave you feeling satisfied. Some examples are; Boiled Eggs/Eggs your way, Meat/Seafood- such as prawns, smoked salmon, tuna, shaved meat, chicken, nuts and seeds, cheese, olives, avocado, protein shake, etc.

  • Avoid high carbohydrate dishes and go for the protein and vegetable options. Avoiding rice, pasta, gnocchi, bread, and other dough/wheat/grains.

  • Don't hesitate to be 'that person' and ask them kindly if they will adjust the dish for you. It might be to swap an ingredient out for something else or having part of the meal on the side. I know this is uncomfortable for a lot of people but remember... you are the one paying for the food if you ask really nicely it's almost always not a problem and it will save on food waste.

  • If it's your event look up the menu before booking to make sure there is something for you available (and your other guests of course). If choosing the venue/food is out of your control, look up the menu prior to take time to decide. This helps avoid the 'hangry, I'll eat anything' decisions.

  • If you are required to bring something, make something that you know is good, so no matter what other options available, there will always be one that you can go for.

  • What if you want to let your hair down completely and go for whatever goes or have a big night? Do it! I recommend eating aligned with your goals the week prior and the week after so during the time of the event, you can go absolutely nuts and enjoy yourself. Make sure you don't fall into the guilt trap; afterward, this only leads to self-loathing and makes things worse!

  • If you like a dessert, have one of the healthy desserts from my Healthy Treats ebook ready at home for you (or depending on the event, bring it with you to share). That way you know you are getting that sweet fix from nutrient dense and healthy ingredients.

  • You don't have to restrict yourself entirely as this often has the opposite effect that we want it too. Use the 80:20 rule, eat right 80% of the time and allow yourself to indulge 20% of the time.  Out of your entree, main dish, dessert, or drink choices, you may like to choose one of those freely that might not be considered aligned with your goals.
    (Check out the video below to learn more about how my 80:20 rule aids in your sustainable healthy lifestyle).
The 80:20 Rule
Author: Noni Jenkins
Noni Jenkins is a Personal Trainer, Weight Loss Specialist and Thermomix® Enthusiast. With over 10 years experience helping people live a healthier lifestyle.
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